Friday, April 13, 2012

Rebecca Zahau Case : Anne Bremner (Pat Brown's Attorney) Attempts To Have Rebecca's Case Reviewed.

Valhall blogs on Rebecca Zahau

Anne Bremner has sent new materials to the California Attorney General’s office and the DA’s office in an effort to have the case of Rebecca Zahau’s suspicious death reviewed.  In Tweets responding to readers, Bremner explained that the information and request must first be reviewed by the District Attorney before the AG would consider action.In addition, on March 22nd, Dina Shacknai filed a suit against San Diego county to produce the autopsy photographs associated with the investigation into the death of her son, Maxwell Shacknai.  While some legal analysts have speculated the move is toward a wrongful death suit being filed by Dina, this could also be an effort on her part to pursue a similar request to that Anne Bremner as made – to review the case of Max’s death anew.