Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Brutal Murder Of Marilyn Sheppard And The Ghost Of Dr. Sam

On July 4, 1954 the pregnant wife of Cleveland Osteopath Dr. Sam Sheppard was found dead in her bedroom, stabbed more than 24 times.

The brutal murder of Marilyn Sheppard rocked the sleepy suburb of Bay View, Ohio and soon became the obsession of the media, the people of Cleveland and the rest of the United States. After three trials over the course of five decades, questions still linger about the killer's identity.

Almost 36 years after the Sheppard murder, an equally shocking murder enveloped New Hampshire. On May 1, 1990 the trigger was pulled and the bullet killed Greg Smart, the case quickly became the 1990s version of media and public fixation on the crime, the victims and the accused.

Both cases reflect the dynamics, intentions and collisions between the public's right to know and a defendant's right to a fair trial. And that intersection of rights in both cases was the media coverage of the two murder more