Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rebecca Zahau Case : Gores Box

So CBS 8 out of San Diego revealed yesterday why we haven’t been supplied much concrete information from the investigation into Rebecca Zahau’s death since Anne Bremner, attorney representing the Zahau family, received the information.  When Anne opened the box she didn’t find she had opened Pandora’s box, but something just slightly less sinister…Gore’s box.

That’s because there was a letter from Sheriff Nottingham laying right at the top.  And the letter said:
The Sheriff’s Department is complying with your request for its investigative file pertaining to the investigation into the death of Rebecca Zahau.  It is our intention to release to you the entire investigative file.
The files that you will be receiving will not be released to the public, the media, or anyone else, unless there later develops a law enforcement necessity to do so.  [Original emphasis] The purpose of this letter is to explain how you and the Zahau family can help insure that such a law enforcement necessity does not occur, thereby preserving the confidentiality of the investigation. [Emphasis added by Valhall]
The letter goes on…
…Therefore, it is our intention to continue to assert the exemption for law enforcement investigations against any and all requests by members of the public and the media for release of the Rebecca Zahau investigation.  This decision, however, may be re-evaluated if it becomes clear that parts of the investigation have been released to the media and to the public “piecemeal”, and that such a selective release of portions of the investigation has presented our investigation in a false light. [Emphasis added by Valhall]
The letter ends driving the point home…
It is my hope and expectation that the investigation will remain confidential, excepting the Zahau family.  It is my understanding that the Zahua family shares this desire for confidentiality.  Please impress upon your clients the need to treat these investigative records with the utmost confidentiality. [Emphasis added by Valhall]
Wow.  After reading this we need to re-focus on what the issue with Rebecca Zahau’s murder investigation is.  It’s not that we know how Rebecca died, though many of us suspect it was murder.  It’s not that we think Rebecca Zahau was the Virgin Mary returned to Earth with an Asian flair.  It’s not that we know who, if anyone, killed Rebecca, though some of us may have an opinion.  It’s that WE don’t believe the investigation, based on the FACTS released to-date, was conducted thoroughly, without bias or influence, and with the objective of finding the facts and drawing a conclusion based on those facts.   Because of this the SDSO appears to have drawn an unfounded conclusion. The investigation is the more