Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moors Murders - Lesley Anne Downey - Transcript Of Tape

Man - This is track four.
Man - Get out of the fucking road.
Man - Get in the fucking basket.
(sound of door banging)
(crackling noise)
(steps across the room and then a recording noise followed by blowing sound into the microphone)
Woman - (Voice quiet, unreadable)
(footsteps, light, walking across room; whispered conversation at the same time)
(speech, distant, containing word 'upstairs'; then two footsteps)
Child - (screaming) Don't. Mum--Ah.
Woman - (whispering) Come on.
Woman - (whispering) Shut up.
Child - (pleading) Oh, please.
Child - Oh. (then faintly:) Help - oh.
Child - Help. (followed by gurgling noise)
Woman - Sh. Sh.
Woman - Shut up. Shut UP.
(Screams and gurgles)
Child - Oh. Oh. Oh. (child crying)
Woman - (whispering) Keep - and you'll be all right.
Woman - (whispering) Go on.
(Quick footsteps mounting stairs, then entering room)
(Child crying, muffled)
Man - (whispering) Here.
Woman - Hush, hush. Go on.
(woman speaking, unreadable)
(Child crying)
Woman - You are all right. Hush, hush. Put it in your mouth - hush and shift that hand.
(child crying)
Woman- Put it in your mouth and keep it in and you'll be all right.
Woman - Put it in, stop it.
Woman- If you don't--shh.
(child crying)
Woman - In your mouth. Hush, hush. Shut up or I'll forget myself and hit you one. Keep it in.
(Child whimpering)
Man - Put it in.
Woman- (Spoken quickly) Put it in.
Man - (speaks, but words unreadable except for the word 'hand')
Man - Put it in. Keep it in. Stop it now. Stop it now.
Woman - I'm only doing this and you'll be all right.
Woman - Put it in your mouth. Put it in--in.
(further words spoken by the woman which are unreadable except for 'put it in')
Woman - Will you stop it, stop it.
(womans voice unreadable)
(Child whimpering)
Woman - Shut--
Man - Quick. Put it in now.
(Child whimpering)
(retching noise)
Man - Just put it in now, love. Put it in now.
(retching noise)
Child - (muffled) What's this in for?
Man - Put it in.
Child - Can I just tell you summat? I must tell you summat. Please, take your hands off me a minute, please, please-- Mummy--please.
Child- I can't tell you.
Child - (in quick sequence) I can't tell you, I can't breathe. Oh.
Child - I can't--Dad-Will you take your hands off me?
(man whispering)
Man - No. Tell me.
Child -  Please God.
Man - Tell me.
Child - I can't while you've got your hands on me.
(mumbling sound)
Man - Why don't you keep it in?
Child - Why? What are you going to do with me?
Man - I want some photographs,  that's all.
Man - Put it in.
Child - Don't undress me, will you?
Woman - That's right, don't --
Child - It hurts me. I want to see Mummy, honest to God.
Man - Put it in.
Child - I'll swear on the Bible.
Man - Put it in, and hurry up now. The quicker you do this, the quicker you'll get home.
Child - I've got to go, because I'm going out with my Mamma. Leave me, please. Help me, will you?
Man - Put it in your mouth and you'll be all right.
Child - Will you let me go when this is out?
Man - Yes. the longer it takes you to do this, the longer it takes you to get home.
Child - What are you going to do with me first?
Man - I'm going to take some photographs. Put it in your mouth.
Child - What for?
Man - Put it in your mouth. (pause) Right in.
Child - I'm not going to do owt.
Man - Put it in. If you don't keep that hand down, I'll  slit your neck. (pause) Put it in.
Child - Won't you let me go? Please.
Man - No, no. Put it in, stop talking.
Man - What's your name?
Child - Lesley.
Man - Lesley what?
Child - Ann.
Man - What's your second name?
Child - Westford. Westford.
Man - Westford?
Child - I have to get home before 8 o'clock. I got to get --(pause) Or I'll get killed if I don't. Honest to God.
Man - Yes.
(Quick footsteps of woman leaving room and going downstairs; then a click; then woman's footsteps coming upstairs; then eight longer strides)
Man - What is it?
Woman - I've left the light on.
Man - You 'ave?
Woman - So that -- (remainder of sentence unreadable)
(Child starts crying)
Child - It hurts me neck.
Man - Hush, put it in your mouth and you'll be all right.
Woman - Now listen, shurrup crying.
Child - (crying) It hurts on me --
Woman - (interrupting) Hush! Shut up. Now, put it in. Pull that hand away and don't dally and just keep your mouth shut, please.
Woman - Wait a bit, I'll put this on again. D'you get me?
Child - (whining) No, I -- (remainder of sentence unreadable)
Woman - Sh. Hush. Put that in your mouth. And again, packed more solid.
(whispered sentences, unreadable)
Child - I want to go home. Honest to god. I'll (further speech muffled but uninterrupted) -- before eight o'clock.
Woman - No, it's all right.
Man - Eh!
(Music commences, country-style tune followed by 'Jolly St Nicholas', during which various non-vocal noises can be heard; then tune 'The Little Drummer Boy' during which a voice speaks -unreadable)
(Three loud cracks, systematic, even-timed)
(Music- 'The Little Drummer Boy' -- goes fainter)
(Sounds on tape cease)