Monday, October 31, 2011

Rebecca Zahau : So What Was The Back Story ?


I’ve had a very interesting discussion concerning the Rebecca Zahau case in the past couple of days with someone who I greatly respect, and who has a significant amount of experience in analyzing the “psychology” of situations.  I’d like to share what is bothering me the most about the Zahau case.  And it has bothered me since long before the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office presented their conclusion of suicide on September 2nd.For a moment just step away from the science, the mechanics, and the near impossibility of the physical actions SDSO has asked us to accept in their conclusion that Rebecca Zahau committed suicide.  Instead, let’s go back to the beginning…or the end, depending on how you want to view it.
It’s the apparent “back story” that has been present in the handling of Rebecca’s death since the day she was found hanging from a second floor balcony at a mansion in Coronado, California.  And the appearance of this “back story” was evident immediately.  It appeared there was a reason that the law enforcement who began working this case were handling this victim differently than what we’ve typically seen on news coverage of other crime scenes...article in full at Hinky's