Friday, September 23, 2011

#TroyDavis : GUILTY as charged !

Troy Davis’ execution is nothing to celebrate. The only satisfaction it offers, if any, is the grim kind that comes from knowing a killer got his just deserts.

Of course, to opponents of the death penalty, every execution is an outrage. Davis’ supporters say this one is worse: the deliberate state killing of a man despite evidence that he is innocent.

If they’re right, Georgia and all of America should be ashamed.

But they’re wrong: Troy Davis is guilty.

How can I be so sure? After all, former President Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, and former FBI director William Sessions backed Davis. Prosecution witnesses have recanted their testimony; scant physical evidence tied Davis to the crime. 

But it’s one thing to argue your case in the court of public opinion; it’s quite another to do so in a real court, with sworn testimony offered and cross-examined by both sides.
And when Davis had that opportunity, in a special hearing last year ordered by the Supreme Court, the judge rejected his claim, declaring flatly that “Davis is not innocent.”

This saga began the night of August 19, 1989, in Savannah, Georgia. Police officer Mark MacPhail, moonlighting as a Burger King security guard, rushed to break up a mugging in the parking lot. When the ensuing clash ended, MacPhail lay mortally wounded by more