Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jeremy Bamber : Cold blooded killer...

I have never doubted that Jeremy Bamber murdered is family, he is manipulative, arrogant, his need to always be in control of the situation the exact same traits as Gerry and Kate McCann , all three narcissists. Good news to know  he will remain where he belongs , behind bars until the day he dies.

The Daily Mail reports...

I have long had a particular interest in miscarriages of justice and, given the renewed strength of Bamber’s campaign, I decided to look at all the evidence again. Indeed, three years ago I wrote an article for the Mail explaining why it seemed probable that the murders had been committed by Bamber’s sister Sheila, as Bamber maintained.

But what I found both surprised and disturbed me. It caused me dramatically to change my mind. I am now certain that the murderer was indeed Jeremy Bamber — and am convinced that, with my co-investigator Richard Webster, I have now discovered vital new evidence to resolve the case once and for all.
At about 3.30 in the early morning of August 7, 1985, Bamber telephoned Chelmsford police station. ‘You’ve got to help me!’ he said tersely to PC Michael West. He claimed he had just received a frantic phone call from his father, who’d said, ‘Please come over . . . Your sister’s gone berserk and she’s got the gun,’ before the line went more